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What is Pediatric Dentistry?
"Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dental medicine that focuses on preventive and corrective dental care and oral health for children.
A pediatric dentist attends primarily to infants and young children, and also adolescents."

Children should be taught the importance of oral hygiene

Children should be taught the importance of oral hygiene

About Pediatric Dentistry

The dental setup of children is very different from that of adults. Hence, their requirements also differ significantly which must be taken into account when dealing with kids and minors. Usually, going to the pediatric dentist for a check up or a visit can cause anxiety in children; we all know how daunting it can be to visit the dentist as an adult; as a child with not much understanding of dental care, the fear can be even more overwhelming. Therefore, it is important that the pediatric dentist knows how to deal with minors, how to allay their fears and explain any misconceptions about oral health, and in general must make the young patient feel comfortable and at ease.
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When they are about two and a half years of age, it is recommended that they visit a pediatric dentist, for this is the time when they start to learn and pick up the valuable lessons about the human body, denture and health, even though they may not know it! In a pediatric dentists office, any problems in these baby teeth including tooth decay, malformation and other dental health problems can be identified and resolved immediately.
Children have baby teeth before they shift to the permanent teeth. These baby teeth are also prone to tooth decay and all kinds of dental issues. This period lasting three to six months is important, as this is the time in which kids begin to develop their milk teeth. Ideally they should learn about caries, methods for caries detection and prevention, the proper way to brush teeth, and how to maintain all round dental health and well being.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists should make kids feel comfortable

A pediatric dentist understands how to deal with young children

A pediatric dentist is the person who attends to childrens dental health problems. A pediatric specialist would have undergone formal training from an academy of pediatric dentistry and knows the special care that needs to be undertaken while attending to children and their medical issues. Dealing with children follows a different set of rules than when dealing with adolescents or adults, and a good pediatric dentist will know how to relate to the children, and get his message across in a fun and educational way.
At the pediatric dentists office, a lot more things other than dental cleaning are carried out. For instance, a dentist pediatric, provides counsel for parents and advises them on how to get their children to get rid of their bad habits, such as sucking the thumb. Though this might only be a childhood habit, it  has the potential of creating quite a few problems such as misaligned teeth, improper growth of teeth, premature falling of teeth and so on. A pediatric dentist also attends to chipped teeth and similar dental problems encountered when dealing with children. Similarly, carrying out fluoride treatments to clean the children’s teeth is quite a routine procedure in any pediatric dental practise nowadays.
Not only do pediatric dentists offer sound support for problems like dental cavities and gum diseases, they also offer credible advice to parents based on known and tested methods in children pediatric dentistry to ensure that these kinds of dentals problems can be prevented. A pediatric dentist also offers comprehensive advice about nutrition and the kinds of food to be avoided in children pediatric dentistry. This helps parents understand what is best for their kids and follow accordingly.
The most important responsibility of dentists in pediatric dentistry comes with the fact that they teach young kids about how to care for their own teeth by brushing regularly and in the right way, flossing regularly and also eating the right kind of food that is rich in nutrition., This way, a pediatric dentist teaches the children how to nurture their teeth at a very young age and thus sets the foundation for years to come.

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Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

A good pediatric dentist should take much care to ensure that the kids feel comfortable when their mouth and teeth are being examined. For this purpose, any academy of pediatric dentistry provides special training to dentists looking to progress in that specific branch of medicine.
Normally, pediatricians are able to refer other suitable and experienced pediatric dentists. Since pediatric dentistry is still a relatively new area, it is yet to expand fully and reach all parts of the world in full swing. Therefore, A pediatric dentist in the city may not be as well known, despite the high level of services offered.
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To locate an excellent pediatric dentist close to you, use the dentist search feature on checkdent. It comes with reviews and ratings of the dentist, as written by other patients, as well as a complete profile page showcasing their specialities and services offered.

Children and Pediatric Dentistry

In children's pediatric dentistry, the role of the dentist is multifaceted. Following, are a few integral functions performed by pediatricians and pediatric dental specialists around the world:
  • All-round dental care for kids
  • Special care for anxious kids, or children with phobias
  • Resolving issues of pain and infection
  • Providing dental services for children who have other clinical conditions or are under medication
  • Handling emergency situations and traumatized children who may have had a minor accident
  • Looking for signs of teeth development; missing teeth, abnormal tooth eruption or misalignment
  • Performing oral surgery for kids; tooth extraction, treating gum infections etc.
  • Performing orthodontic treatment
  • Performing endodontic treatment.
To learn more about the role of pediatric dentists, check out the informative dental health videos on checkdent.