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What is Dental Health?
"The term "dental health" may seem very vague and colossal in nature, something not easily understood. Yet, the fact is that ensuring positive dental hygiene and health should be part of your day to day routine."
Common dental health practices include:
  • tooth brushing
  • flossing
  • mouth washing
  • gurgling
  • oil pulling
  • massaging the gums
  • tongue cleaning

These practices put together form a good checklist for you to adhere to. The more effort you put in to follow these positive habits, the easier it will be to maintain great dental hygiene and health.


Dental care and treatment is paramount to maintaining your general health

Dental care and treatment is paramount to maintaining your general health

Your health needs to be fostered by taking utmost care that includes proper oral hygiene. In order to prevent oral disease, you need to take appropriate measures to keep your denture clean, prevent plaque formation, resist bad breath and also prevent infections resulting from unhealthy habits.


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The Importance of Dental and Oral Health

Dental hygiene and health care are quite inter-related to each other. As a matter of fact, a number of diseases including bacterial, viral and fungal infections can be transmitted when proper oral hygiene habits are not followed.
The food substances we consume, the fluids and water that we ingest are all potential sources of infection. The mouth in itself is home to a number of microbes and bacteria to begin with. Proper hygiene ensures that the oral cavity is kept clean and prevents harmful infestation of microbes.

The use of natural substances in dentistry is gaining in popularity

The use of natural substances in dentistry is gaining in popularity


Oral Health & Dental Care Measures

Dental health care measures include brushing twice a day. This ensures that harm causing bacteria and microbes that are present in the mouth are killed and removed from time to time. Brushing before going to bed is vital as it reduces the effect of acid and action of microbes on teeth. Using natural ingredients such as salt, neem, leaves, peeper, clove oil and wheat grass to clean the teeth and tongue helps in maintaining better dental and oral health. While clove oil and neem have anti bacterial effects, wheat grass helps to remove toxins from the teeth and gums.

The oral cavity has a number of spaces that are small and narrow where even the bristles of the brush cannot reach. Hence, flossing is an effective mechanism to ensure dental hygiene and health. Flossing helps to remove food particles and debris from between the teeth. This in turn helps to ensure better oral health. Practices such as gurgling, flossing, avoiding sweets and snacks between meals and avoiding excessive bleaching that removes natural teeth enamel are all important.

The more you take care in your eating habits and keeping healthy by maintaining clean teeth, the more it is beneficial on the long run. It is important to note that a healthy denture is not permanent and is bound to deteriorate with time if certified health services are not made use of. Once the tooth begins to decay and consequential problems like adherent tartar, discoloring, infections, gingivitis, cavities and tooth root diseases occur, they will wreak havoc in quick succession.


"Even the most efficient health services dental will not be able to remedy the situation beyond a certain point. Relying on artificial teeth, bridges and cosmetic dentistry surgery should be the last resort; only neccessary if you forget to take thorough daily dental care."

Dental Health Services

There are a number of health services that are provided by dentists in order to ensure good oral health and care. Some of the commonly used dental health services include cleaning, flossing, teeth coating, placing dental crowns, teeth whitening for discolored teeth, root canal treatment and anti-cavity fillings, artificial tooth implantation and so on. In all these cases, care is taken to ensure that oral hygiene is not compromised for aesthetic purposes. For instance, a tooth restructuring procedure may remove a considerable amount of enamel and sometimes even dentin from the teeth.
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Dental health services that are provided across the world have taken a new turn with the advancement in technology and need for superior and long lasting results. Hence, artificial teeth replacements using completely biocompatible, free of harmful metals such as mercury, soft and shaped as per the dental structure of the patent as is the case with porcelain fittings.
To learn more about dental health services near you, and how to locate them, try the dentist search feature on checkdent.

Tips for Better Dental Health

There are a few quick dental health tips to make a difference right away. Avoid chewing tobacco and drinking excessive tea as it can cause discoloration of the teeth. While brushing your teeth, remember to clean your tongue. The flakes that remain on the tongue carry remnants of food particles and more often than otherwise can lead to bacterial infestations in the mouth. Regular cleaning helps ensure a healthy denture.
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Cleaning the tongue needs to be carried out using an appropriate instrument, such as a tongue cleaner. This helps to clean the tongue systematically and in a neat manner. You must strictly avoid touching the mouth after touching other materials such as keyboards, tops of shelves, shoes and clothes. This is because, over a million microbes are usually present in the keyboard and other places such as in shelves and on clothes. When the saliva from the mouth is transferred from one person to an object it becomes a direct source of infection and disease. Hence, this is an important rule for dental hygiene and health. Remember to wash your hands with soap or antiseptic after cleaning the mouth and tongue.
You should use a soft ended tooth pick to remove the debris and food particles that might be stuck between the teeth. Never use a pin that can pierce the gums and cause bleeding and inflammation. Oral health dental can be ensured by refraining from a number of habits such as this.Using mouth wash can prevent extended bacterial action and using high- fluoride mouth wash reduces helps overcome excessive sensitivity of teeth. Mouth wash also helps to clear all germs and food borne microbes that are present in the oral cavity.
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