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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dental surgery is a branch of medicine, performed to improve the facial appeal, smile and beauty of the denture in a person. A cosmetic dentist will focus on altering existing dental arrangement and features of the patient to increase their aesthetic appeal. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, for example with cosmetic implants, tooth whitening or porcelain veneers. Moreover, the results are far more than just visually pleasing - it can have positive effects in the general well-being of a patient. That is why millions of people around the world regularly approach an aesthetic dental specialist for cosmetic dental surgery.


About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic and implant dentistry are relatively new extensions of dental care. The purpose thereof is to correct misalignments in teeth, improve appearance of the jaw region and the arrangement of the jaw structure. Additionaly, cosmetic dentistry addresses a number of concerns including discolored, crooked or gapped teeth, uneven and gummy smiles, crowded dentures and jaw structures, the need for crowns, protection and bridges in the teeth.
"Cosmetic dentistry procedures are now performed extensively by aptly trained and certified dentists all over the world. Though the primary purpose is to improve the aesthetics of the teeth arrangement and smile, these procedures also serve the purpose of addressing other concerns in the dental region."
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Cosmetic Dental Surgery

If there has been excessive acid reflux in the mouth that has damaged the teeth or there has been substantial deterioration in dental health following excessive biting and chewing, bite reclamation treatment may be suggested by your dentist. In this case, the vertical dimension of the teeth and gums is further opened up. This gives the patient a more youthful appearance which is one of the main purposes of cosmetic dentistry surgery, and sometimes it even helps to reduce facial wrinkles and lend a shorter look to the face. More often than not, this also results in a more pleasant smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Sedation
Cosmetic dentistry sedation has now become routine in most common dental enhancement procedures. This is because dentists are now focusing on providing cosmetic implant dentistry and other surgical procedures without pain and in an anxiety free atmosphere. For this purpose, a dentist will administer sedatives so that the patient does not experience any pain, symptoms and discomfort. Intravenous cosmetic dentistry sedation was previously practiced popularly. Nowadays, oral sedatives have become advanced and are commonly administered before performing cosmetic dentistry procedures.
Cosmetic dental anesthesia has made it possible for people to undergo aesthetic enhancement treatment, which was previously avoided due to fear and oher similar concerns. The dental sedation process is relatively simple and easy to understand. It is less likely to cause any complications during the treatment, however, your dentist will usually carry out a thorough examination to ensure that the sedatives are completely safe for you.
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Cosmetic Implant Dentistry

Cosmetic fillings and implants are also commonly used these days. These are made up of biocompatible materials while avoiding metals and other problem causing substances. Alloys, porcelain and plastics are preferred to make implants and fittings.
In the case of tooth loss, shrinkage of the jaw bones, loss of facial structure, tooth decay, accidents, cosmetic implant dentistry may be mandatory. A traditional bridge placement in this case could even possibly worsen the scenario. Hence, specially designed and manufactured implants are used to replace the old/worn out or decayed teeth. Be it veneers, false teeth, coatings or crowns for teeth, the special implants have been developed over the years. Current procedures still ensure the safety of the patients while delivering long lasting results.
Artificial teeth are placed as dental implants are useful in the fact that they are anchored to the jaw bone through screws and other effective mechanisms. The surgical procedure does not rely on adjacent teeth to provide support for the artificial teeth. Hence, implanted artificial teeth offer credible solution to tooth loss problems. Also, the cosmetic implants look and feel like natural teeth. They have a life time that is comparable to normal teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry Implants

The material used to replace parts of the dental arrangement or to augment the existing arrangement is called a cosmetic dentistry implant. The dentist should ensure that it is mercury free so that it does not harm the patient. Also, the biocompatibility of an implant is of much concern to ensure that there are no side effects to the cosmetic dental procedure.
Low cost and high quality implants are now pervading in the industry. To know more about the various kinds of cosmetic dentistry implants, procedures and fillings, check the dental surgery videos on checkdent.
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Benefits of Cosmetic Implant Dentistry

There are a number of advantages speaking for cosmetic procedures. These include improved appearance and improved speech to begin with; cosmetic implant dentistry can significantly improve the overall appearance of the denture and its structure. Additionaly, it can greatly  improve the speech and oral dynamic of patients. Since the presence of teeth is also essential for correct pronunciation, any aesthetic treatment performed in the oral cavity affects the structure of the mouth, leading to positive speech enhancement.
One of the vital advantages of cosmetic surgery is the fact that eating becomes easier for the patients. Aesthetic treatments are also known to increase the self confidence levels. This is because the patients feel better about their appearance and so they feel more confident and are happier, generally speaking. The cosmetic dentistry implants offer greater comfort to the patients.
Most importantly, the cosmetic dentistry implants are made up of well researched and bio compatible materials that ensure that the tooth replacement lasts for a life time. Hence, these  procedures need not be repeated over and over again - only performed once. Your cosmetic dentist should offer a long-term solution and overall improvement of your smile.