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Tooth Ache Remedies
Toothache is defined as a consistent, throbbing pain in the tooth. Tooth ache remedies are invaluable for when these cases, especially when the pain becomes unbearable. There are vast number of reasons it can happen; some of the common reasons include cavities, dental decay, gum diseases, sensitive teeth and plaque formation.
"Though pain killers can be administered occasionally to remedy tooth ache, it is not a permanent solution. Moreover, repetitive and severe tooth aches need to be treated in time, to prevent serious long-term damage. However, in times of urgency, the toothache remedies can come in very handy."

Toothache causes severe pain in the jaw area and can have serious consequences if not treated

Toothache causes severe pain in the jaw area and can have serious consequences if not treated

Symptoms of Tooth Ache Pain

Tooth ache pain usually begins with mild discomfort in the teeth or adjoining gums. In the beginning stages of dental problems, people may experience a certain difficulty in chewing, biting and grinding with teeth. In some cases, certain sharp parts, debris in the teeth and irregular surfaces may cause pain when they rub against the cheeks and tongue.
In severe cases, drinking cold or hot fluids can immediately cause tooth ache pain. This is because nerve endings are present in the pulp or the inner core of the teeth. When there is tooth decay or cavities in the teeth, the changes in the food such as temperature and texture directly reach the nerve endings and cause pain. Furthermore, a sensitive denture can lead to tooth ache.
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Causes of Tooth Ache

There are a number of causes for tooth ache that include tooth decay and dental cavities. The fact is that it may also be a symptom for a number of serious problems including gum infection, molar decay or cracked bicuspid. Something as simple as food pieces and debris caught in between teeth can cause severe tooth ache. At the same time, an abscessed tooth or other serious conditions would also lead to dental complications.
Gingivitis and periodontitis are conditions that are caused due to plaque formation. These cause infection and inflammation of gums. They also affect the teeth and can cause tooth ache. Successful remedies for tooth ache may also include effective mechanisms to tackle brittle teeth and sensitive teeth.

There are numerous prescription-free medicines to battle toothache pain

There are numerous over-the-counter prescriptions to battle toothache pain


Remedies for Tooth Ache – Prevention

If you identify redness around your gums and swelling near the teeth in your mouth, you need to be wary of impending complications. Before you end up with unbearable pain and begin to look for quick fix solutions, you can take the right measures to ensure that you are preventing tooth ache by staying away from the most common and possible risk factors.
Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons for a tooth ache. The underlying reason that tips off a tooth ache may be something as simple as a softy, cold drinks, sugars and refined carbohydrate can lead to tooth decay. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from sugars and refined carbohydrates in order to prevent tooth ache.
Some over the counter analgesics may also be prescribed to supply relief from the pain. Some of these medications include oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone. Some tooth ache gels like orajel may also be used as effective remedies for tooth ache.
These gels are meant for oral application and significantly reduce tooth ache when applied on the surface of teeth and gums. Vicodin is another powerful drug that may be prescribed. This usually lends immediate relief to tooth ache. Some dentists and patients may prefer Percocet which is also an effective solution.

Home Remedies for Tooth Ache

Toothache remedies lie in a number of sources including pain killing medication. Yet, even though many of these medicines may work, they have side effects. Nevertheless, home remedies for toothache have become very popular and commonly used in recently days. Since olden days, remedy for toothache has been found in natural ingredients such as garlic and lemon. One of the simplest toothache remedies is to massage the tooth and gums with a gauze wetted with ice cold water. Ice cubes can be rubbed gently on the aching tooth and gums to remedy tooth ache. This is because the ice cubes numb the pain and overwhelm the impulses in the nerve pathway.
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Garlic is another effective remedy for toothaches. Placing a garlic pearl along with rock salt on the affected tooth can help ease toothache. For intermittent and bearable tooth ache, lime can help remedy the discomfort. The vitamin c in the lime helps to prevent tooth decay and also remedies the aching tooth. Onion is also one of the suitable substitute. This is because, onion has anti-bacterial tendencies. It helps to prevent further bacterial action on teeth and provides toothache relief in the case of decaying teeth.

Salt is a very effective cleanser and protection against infection. Brushing and gurgling with salt water is much advised as a remedy for toothache and for prevention of other dental problems. This can be carried out on a daily basis. For those who have sensitive teeth, mixing a pinch of pepper with salt and using it to rub against the teeth and gum surfaces remedies tooth ache and makes your teeth less sensitive with regular application.

Wheatgrass is an effective remedy for a toothache. Chewing wheatgrass releases juices that extract toxins from the teeth and gums. The antibacterial and antibiotic properties of wheatgrass make it an effective remedy for toothache. Clove oil is one of the chief remedies for tooth ache. Clove oil is very powerful in tackling aches and pain in your teeth. Dabbing a cotton swab in clove oil and pressing it against the decaying tooth or affected gum in your mouth can help remedy the dental pain.

Natural home remedies are a popular alternative to tackle toothache

Natural home remedies are a popular alternative to tackle toothache

Oil of oregano has also been known to be a good home cure for relief from the aches. This is because it posses anti-microbial properties. This is especially helpful to prevent microbial action from food borne pathogens. Asafetida and bay berry are additional remedies for toothache. Bay berry bark and vinegar are crushed together into a paste and applied on the affected tooth to remedy toothache.
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Do not forget that tooth ache remedies are not a substitute for a visit to the dentist. Dental issues and the pain may be a result of oral health issues so you should get a professional medical opinion from your dentist. Try the dentist search on checkdent to find a dentist in your area today. Apart from these home remedies for tooth ache, there may be a number of other commonly practiced remedies for tooth ache that sometimes have to do with geographical cultures and traditions.