The Importance of Professional Oral Hygiene

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Everybody would like to have healthy gums and teeth their entire lives!

Anyone who has ever suffered from a toothache or already has dentures knows how much these can affect quality of life, and anyone who can’t bite vigorously into an apple because of pain or a loose prosthesis recognizes the value of his own healthy teeth! Good personal oral hygiene can help you keep your teeth healthy!

Unfortunately, even with outstanding oral hygiene at home, tartar build-up, for example, can’t be stopped. Tartar and concrements, in turn, may trigger periodontitis. The risk of periodontitis is that it develops painlessly and unnoticed in most cases. Except for occasional bleeding of the gums, the patient usually notices very little. However, untreated periodontitis leads to the loss of teeth! Furthermore, the risk of a premature birth, developing diabetes or suffering a heart attack also increases.

Through professional oral hygiene, this very plaque is removed, particularly in places that you can’t reach with your toothbrush. With special instruments, all soft and hard deposits are removed. Afterwards, the surfaces of the teeth are polished with various polishing compounds. Lastly, the teeth are fluoridated.

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professional dental hygiene

According to scientific surveys, professional oral hygiene should be performed twice a year, although actual needs depend on the presence of a dental occlusion, your eating habits, and your own personal oral hygiene. If you’re thinking about cutting corners to save money by avoiding your biannual professional cleaning, you’re doing so in the wrong place!

Regular prophylaxis prevents gum diseases and caries, and thus protects you from significantly more expensive treatments such as crowns, inlays, or implants.

Just as you have your car serviced on a regular basis, you should have your teeth “serviced” in order to prevent more serious damage. It’s an investment that always pays off!

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