What is a Wax Set-Up in Dentistry?

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Wax set-up, often referred to as tooth set-up, is the name of a work step in the production of dentures.

In the picture you see how the technician retains the teeth on the prosthesis base using wax; this step is called the wax set-up. The prosthesis is later inserted into the patient’s mouth in order to improve function, location, phonetics, and aesthetics. The teeth can still be changed easily since they are only retained in wax. The patient has to feel comfortable with his new teeth.

Zahntechniker bei Wachsaufstellung

wax positioning


The prosthesis is only finalized when everything fits together properly. Teeth position is then transmitted from the wax set-up to the prosthesis one to one.

Click here to see the video: Wax Model


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