What is Vicryl used for in Dentistry?

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Vicryl is the name of a sewing material that is frequently used in dentistry because of the outstanding level of comfort it offers the patient.

Various sewing materials are used in oral surgery. They are used to close up wounds.  Generally, a distinction is made between absorbent material – such a vicryl – and non-absorbent material. Non-absorbent materials need to be removed. The biggest advantage of vicryl is not only that it dissolves, but that it is comfortable for the patient. Vicryl is a soft, elastic thread. Inflexible threads can poke the mouth and are often considered uncomfortable.

Vicryl demonstrates high initial tear resistance during the medium-term wound healing process. The thread comes in a sterile package and can easily be removed from its packaging. After 21 days, vicryl still retains 50% of its initial tear resistance. Furthermore, vicryl allows for good handling and offers a secure bone fit. Vicryl is fully absorbed by the body after 56-70 days.


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Since mouth wounds usually heal within 7 days, it is unnecessary to wait for complete thread absorption. It is better to remove the thread after 7 days because leaving the thread in may allow for minor wound contamination from food residue, which can subsequently lead to inflammation.

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