Torque Ratchet - Dental Implantation Technique


Watch Dental Video about Torque Ratchet for Dental Implants

Using a torque ratchet, implants are inserted into the bone with a precisely defined torque.

In the image, a torque ratchet is shown. You see an implantation in the lower jaw; the patient’s bone was molded before the implantation. That’s why, in this case, no punching was performed.

Instead, the mucosa was cut open. Three implants have already been placed; the fourth is now being screwed into the bone with the torque ratchet. Thanks to the torque ratchet, the implantologist can estimate how well-suited the bone is for immediate loading, i.e., whether or not the implants can be provided with an artificial tooth right away.

Click here to see the video: Hinge Ratchet


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