What Is Toothbrush Trauma

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A toothbrush is used for cleaning one’s teeth.

However, using an improper brushing technique can actually cause you to harm your teeth! In such cases, dentists call this “toothbrush trauma.” The wrong brushing technique may cause and/or worsen defects on the tooth necks.

If the toothbrush is scrubbed back and forth across the teeth horizontally, the bristles of a hard toothbrush may cause or increase a wedge. Dentists call this a toothbrush trauma. Sometimes, however, the gums are injured as well; gum injury can also be part of a toothbrush trauma. Excessive brushing may cause the gums to recede.

Toothbrush Trauma

Toothbrush Trauma


Five minutes of oral hygiene twice a day with soft toothbrush bristles is completely sufficient. The tips of the bristles are actually cleaning the teeth, so don’t press too hard, because otherwise, the bristles will bend and the cleaning effect will be reduced.

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