Tooth Sulcus in Dentistry

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Sulcus is the anatomical term for a particular gum area.

In the animation "Sulcus" you see the cross-section of a tooth. You can recognize:

  • bone
  • the tooth root
  • the root skin
  • and the gums
Zahn mit Zahnfleisch und Pfeil zum Sulcus




These structures are called a periodontium. The gums usually begin at the enamel cement border, meaning where the enamel merges into the root. The gum rises and forms the sulcus, an area where the gum is not connected to the tooth but is usually tightly attached to it. This sulcus can be between 0-3mm. Healthy gums are pale pink, closely attached to the tooth, have a sulcus of about 0-3mm and do not bleed during teeth cleaning.

Crown/bridge edges should be located in the sulcus, more about that in the video entitled "Dental Crown". At close range, healthy gums have a delicate pattern similar to an orange.

Click here to see the video: Sulcus


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