Tooth Ornaments: Dental Aesthetics

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Tooth ornaments are popular in dental cosmetics.

The various forms of tooth ornaments share one thing in common: There is no drilling involved. Tooth ornaments can easily be removed and the teeth are not damaged in any way. The jewelry is gently glued onto the teeth and the process is completely pain free.

Healthy tooth substance used to be drilled in the past, but this practice is now frowned upon. After etching and conditioning the enamel, the desired ornament is glued to the tooth. Durability varies and heavily depends on the gluing procedure and the individual’s eating and dental hygiene habits. Normally, the tooth ornament should last between two to five years. Nothing happens if you swallow it.

However, such procedures belong in the hands of a dentist, not a cosmetic studio. In patients with poor dental hygiene, perodontitis or caries, tooth ornaments should not be used. It is important that the enamel under the jewelry is completely healthy before ornaments or jewelry are glued to the teeth. These ornaments cannot be glued onto fillings or artificial teeth.

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