What is a Tooth Neck Defect?


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Tooth neck defects refer to tooth damage on the tooth neck.

How does damage to the tooth neck occur? Tooth anatomy or incorrect cleaning techniques may be at fault. The enamel cement border refers to the tooth area where enamel merges with root cement. Enamel is built like a crystal. Enamel prisms run in a certain geometric order, which makes enamel the hardest substance in our body.

In the enamel cement border area, the enamel geometry dissolves and this causes enamel weak points. Furthermore, this area – the enamel cement border – is frequently exposed to strain during chewing motions. If, for example, the strain is too much because of tooth misalignment and/or enamel is too weak due to individual enamel prism anomaly, enamel parts can break off. A small wedge-shaped defect is the consequence.

Although using a toothbrush is essential for dental hygiene, it can also cause damage if not handled correctly. There will be more about that in the video entitled "Tooth Brush Trauma". Wedge shape characteristics can often reveal information about the kind of trauma that has been suffered.

Wide, extensive defects are usually the consequence of incorrect cleaning techniques; small, irregular, slit-shaped defects tend to indicate enamel/cement merger anomalies with abnormal axial strain. If this is combined with incorrect cleaning techniques it results in wider, slit-shaped defects over the years.

Another cause for tooth neck defects may be incorrect flossing. If floss is laid around the tooth and moved back and forth, the floss will cut into the tooth after a while. The result is a smooth slit. Tooth neck defects should be treated by smoothing the prisms and supplying them with certain components, for example. Additionally, the triggering cause (changing cleaning methods or bite correction) must also be treated.

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