Tooth Fissure Seal in Dentistry

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The term “fissure seal” refers to the filling or “sealing” of abnormal tooth fissures.

A fissure seal is a proven method of caries prevention and protects and saves the tooth structure. The fissure seal should be a component of a prophylactic concept. Fissure is the name for valleys located in the chewing area of the side teeth. In contrast, the mountains are called humps.

Teeth usually have a main fissure that runs in longitudinal direction and is known as the longitude fissure. Analogically, the many small fissures that run laterally are called lateral fissures. The relief of the teeth surface develops fairly similarly in every human being. However, small differences do exist: For example, some fissures can be very narrow.


Tooth fissure seal

The animation "fissur" shows a cross section of a “normal” fissure, this fissure can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush.  There is a small difference between normal and abnormal fissures, but this difference causes significant effects. Because of these small differences, some people get sick easier, while others never suffer from fissure caries.

We’ll learn more about this topic in the video entitled "Fissure Cavity". If a fissure is threatened by caries, the dentist should seal the fissure with a thin fluid composed of synthetic resinor composite material once the tooth is perforated. This will prevent bacteria from settling in the oral flora (Fissure seal). If the fissure is already contaminated, it will have to be cleaned and perhaps even slightly extended through grinding. This is called an extended or invasive fissure seal.

There are no alternatives to a fissure seal.

Particular risks associated with fissure seals are:

  • Bite changes
  • Formation of secondary caries if the seal is not done correctly
  • Sensitivity disturbances, meaning delicate teeth necks, if, for example, the etching gel was not used properly

If executed properly, such complications can usually be avoided.

Click here to see the video: Fissure Sealing


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