Tooth bleaching in modern aesthetic dental medicine

The effects of tooth bleaching

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The bleaching effect is caused by active oxygen.

There are no changes to the tooth enamel and nothing is removed, sanded down or etched.

Possible Side Effects:

  • One of the most common side-effects is a temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth when in contact with hot or cold stimulation; this can also apply to the necks of the teeth. To reduce the severity of such temporary side-effects a special, desensibilizing tooth paste with natrium fluoride should be applied
  • If the bleaching agent comes into contact with the gums an irritation may develop, however this will only last a few days
  • If the patient decided to use a home-bleaching kit then smoking should be avoided. This is because the peroxide in the bleaching agent can increase the carcinogenic affects of nicotine. The peroxide can also have a temporary effect on the health of the oral flora. Regular dental care and oral hygiene is very important.
  • Bleaching of “dead teeth” can cause a weakening of the inner structure and lead to breakage which may require a crown.
  • If the patient suffers from any allergy to peroxide or peroxide-related agents, acryl resins or latex or high-grade light sensibility the dentist should be informed before treatment begins.


Information for Allergy Sufferers:

The applied resins have been specially developed for use in dental medicine and are insoluble in the environment in which they are applied and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. However, before treatment, patients with a synthetic material allergy should consult a specialist. Please inform your dentist of any allergies to peroxide, peroxide-related substances, acryl resin or latex or high-grade light sensitivity.

Your teeth are as individual as your personality and the results can differ from patient to patient. The results are dependent on your natural tooth coloration and the outcome may differ to your desired results.

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