Does Titanium Allergy Exist?

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We read about so-called 'Titanium Allergies‘ more and more often

There’s still no description of an allergy or intolerance to titanium to be found in scientific literature yet. Neither is an allergy test (epicutaneous test) currently possible, due to a lack of standardized reagents. Nevertheless patients are often led to such allergy tests, for a lot of money, or are led knowingly into absurdities such as a ‘Lymphocyte Transformation Test’ (LTT). By means of this test the activatability (sensitivity) of lymphocytes is tested but a raised activatability does not signify an allergy.

Why do so many people suddenly want to react allergically to titanium? The reason is simple – often the patients will have had titanium implants inserted quickly in their mouths. In this way the necessary preparations are knowingly avoided since the dentist makes his money primarily from the titanium pin.

Preparation? The patient often suffers from periodontitis or an inflamed tooth or other inflammations in the mouth. These health problems are not treated first since the dentist doesn’t earn much that way; the implant is done immediately. As a result many patients lose the implants quickly as a result of them not being correctly indicated. The dentist then wriggles out of the problem by saying ‘you are intolerant to titanium’ – so everything is in order, the patient has tried to achieve a fixed replacement for his tooth, it doesn’t hold in place and the dentist has his money.

All in order? – Wrong! The patient goes back home frustrated and tells his friends and neighbours about the ‘titanium intolerance’ but the real reason for the loss of his implant remains hidden. Maybe these inexpert people will go on to pay good money to a laboratory for allergy and epicutaneous tests. What a sad world we live in.

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