Tangent Cut - Tooth Stump Preparation Technique

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“Tangent cut” is the term for one type of tooth stump preparation technique for a dental crown.

The tooth stump may be cut in different ways for a crown, more on that in the video “Step Cut”. Another possibility is the tangent cut. The tangent cut can be performed relatively quickly and easily as the tooth is simply tapered diagonally. The disadvantage of this type of cutting technique is that the technician – when producing the bridge or crown – must maintain a certain minimum width at the edges of the ceramic, as these edges would otherwise break off. The result is unattractively protruding, bulging edges.

Tangent Cut

Tangent Cut

In order to hide these edges, the cutting margins are set under the gums. A dental probe or floss, as well as scraps of food, can get caught in such bridge or crown margins. The result of this cut is inflammation of the gums. Over the years, these constant inflammations will lead to receding gums, which in turn will make the bridge margins visible – as seen in the image here.

The danger of root caries is very high now. Unfortunately, the tangent cut is the most frequently performed type of cut! Just like the step cut, the tangent cut should no longer be performed; more on that topic in the video “Dental Crown”.

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