Surgical Drapes for Dental Operations

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Surgical drapes are used to ensure sterile conditions during surgical procedures.

They are used as an underlay and/or cover for the patient. You can see various disposable products in this image. There is a distinction between disposable and washable products. Washable surgical drapes and towels should only be washed by certified cleaning contractors. Surgical drapes should always be at hand in order to avoid compromising the sterility of the surgical procedure. The drapes must be pliable and correct packing and folding logistics must be adhered to.

The surgical team must always wear comfortable clothing (ergonomic). In the event of complication or in the case of a procedure that lasts longer than anticipated, the clothing worn during the procedure should never cause negative distraction.

Pateint während OP komplett abgedeckt

covering while surgery

Prior to surgery, the surgeon adorns the sterile clothing, the sterile gloves are then put on and special attention is paid to make sure that no contact is made with skin and/or any other non-sterile objects. Now, the sterile instruments are placed on a sterile underlay, ensuring that sterility is not compromised in this surgical video, note that the oral cavity has been disinfected three times and the surgeon, patient and all surgical instruments are “wrapped up” in sterile surgical drapes, covers and coats.

Clinics often use washable surgical drapes.  In this film you can see how a washable cotton surgical drape is packed in sterilization paper. Usually, due to cost issues, the washable articles are not treated by certified contractors. Often, the drapes are treated only in the clinics own autoclave. Either way, the drapes are unsterile. Not even an autoclave can completely sterilize a drape. For this reason, clinics should only use disposable products.

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