Step Cut - Tooth Stump Preparation Technique

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“Step cut” is the term for one type of tooth stump preparation technique for a dental crown.

The tooth stump may be cut in different ways for a crown; more on that in the video “Tangent Cut”. Another possibility is the step cut. The step cut can be performed relatively quickly. A roller is used to cut a step into the tooth. The technician has enough room for the ceramic edges of the tooth crown in this type of cut (contrary to the tangent cut).

Step Cut

Step Cut

Unfortunately, however, the glue used in cementing the crown cannot flow away well through the step, resulting in a wide glue joint. The risk that the glue (in most cases, cement) will wash away over time and a root cavity will develop is very high.

Just like the tangent cut, the step cut should no longer be performed; more on that topic in the video “Dental Crown”.

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