What is a Sharp Spoon used for in Dentistry?

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In dentistry, the sharp spoon is used to remove connective and granulation tissue from the bone.

In the video "Sharp Scoop" you see how the sharp spoon is used to clean out the tooth socket, also known as the alveolus, immediately after tooth extraction. This is important because otherwise the tooth socket, meaning the bone, might not heal properly. This would result in the bone penetrated by connective tissue to be unsuitable for a transplant.

It is important that these instruments, like all other surgical instruments, are only used if they are sterile. You see a surgical container; the surgical instruments are placed neatly next to one another in order to undergo the sterilization process. Prior to surgery, the container is opened and the surgical instruments can be removed using sterile gloves; the sterility chain remains intact. The usage of surgical containers is standard in hospitals but not in doctors’ offices.

Operationsinstrument scharfer Löffel

sharp spoon

If you are scheduled for an implant, bone restructuring surgery or any other kind of surgery, you should be especially aware of hygiene. Sterile instruments are not the norm! Persistent wound infections and bone infections are possible consequences. There will be more about that in the video on "Sterility", "Disposable Gloves" and "Osteomyelitis".

Click here to see the video: Sharp Scoop


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