Rotary Chisel - Surgical Instrument in Dentistry

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The rotary chisel is a surgical instrument that is primarily used in dentistry/orthodontic surgery.

This instrument is most frequently used for the removal of wisdom teeth. The narrow end of the turning chisel is inserted between the teeth and carefully turned. When the dentist turns the chisel slowly, the bone compartment bends and the tooth “jumps” out of the tooth socket (alveolus). Quick movements tend to cause root fractures. These OP instruments must only be used after being sterilized, just as with any other surgical instrument. Here you can see a surgery container in which the surgical instruments are neatly stored next to each other and are thus optimally prepared for the sterilization process. Before surgery, the container is opened and the surgical instruments, for example the OP turning chisel can be removed using sterile gloves. The chain of sterility is kept intact. The use of surgery containers is standard in hospitals but not in doctors’ offices.

Ein Drehmeisel

rotary chisel

If you are scheduled for an implant, a bone restructuring surgery or any other type of surgery, please be particularly aware of hygiene. Sterile instruments are not the norm! Persistent wound infections and bone infections are possible consequences. We’ll discuss these further in the videos entitled "Sterility", "Disposable Gloves", and "Osteomyelitis".

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