Which Is The Best Option - Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Implants?

Kugelanker auf Implantat und Zahnwurzelbelsky


A tooth with a well done root canal should last a lifetime!

One hears horror stories about “dead” teeth, i.e., teeth that have undergone a root canal. As an aside, “dead” teeth do not exist; teeth are minerals and are thus always “inanimate.” Inside the tooth, there is a tissue called the dental pulp. If an infection of the pulp develops because of deep caries or other causes, then a good root canal treatment should be performed.

If a bad root canal is performed – i.e., without a cofferdam, without any optical enlargement, or without a sterile endodontic box – then this justifiably feeds the popular belief that every tooth that has undergone a root canal is poison to the body!

After a successful root canal, sealing the tooth on the side of the oral cavity with a ceramic inlay or a crown is important as well. If the canals have been properly cleaned and filled and the accesses have been sealed with an inlay or a crown, then a bacterial invasion from the oral cavity is impossible!

Usually, such a treatment is associated with high costs. A root canal can run between 700 € - 1,500 . The prognosis and the preservability of the tooth should always be assessed in relation to cost. If a tooth has several problems (severely meandering canals, a bacterial infection at the root end, or a large filling), then a tooth extraction followed by an implantation is often the better choice.

However, if you are a smoker and have poor dental hygiene at home, then a tooth implant is probably not the better choice and the fight to preserve the tooth will be longer and harder. In the end, whether a root canal or an implant makes any sense depends on your anamnesis. Each case must be considered individually. If your dentist takes time to discuss all these factors with you, then you are in good hands!

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