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The roeko root treatment box provides helpful storage assistance for root treatment instruments.

The goal of any root treatment is to cleanly refurbish the root canals.  Since a complete, 100% cleaning of the interior of the teeth is never completely successful, the canals should be sealed with material so that remaining bacteria does not have a habitat in which to reproduce. There will be more about this in the video on "Root Canal Treatment".

This means complete cleanliness and sterility are the prerequisites for a successful root treatment. To make this possible, the use of a rubber dam is absolutely necessary because it is the only way to keep saliva away from the tooth interior. Saliva contains many different bacteria that can threaten the success of a root treatment.  In the picture you see a rubber dam that isolates the tooth from the tongue, other teeth, saliva and blood. This is an important prerequisite for a successful root treatment. There will be more about this in the video entitled "Dental Dam".

Wurzelbehandlung Endobox

root treatment endobox

However, the rubber dam is not very helpful if non-sterile instruments are used. In the film "roeko box" you see a roeko root treatment box that has been sterilized and is unpacked immediately before treatment. The various instruments are neatly sorted. The sterilization of the metallic box and its contents guarantees that there are no bacteria on the instruments that could potentially be imported into the root canal.

However, non-sterile instruments are usually used. As seen in this picture, instruments are often stored openly in unprotected drawers and placed in rubber foam compartments. If the doctor’s and assistants’’ hands are not sterile, contamination of the work instruments is inevitable.

After several years, a badly executed root treatment can lead to:

  • tooth discoloration,
  • cysts,
  • bone inflammation
  • and even loss of teeth

Thanks to roeko root treatment boxes, root treatment instruments can be stored in a sterile manner and complications can be avoided. There will be more about this in the video on "Sterility" and "Root Canal Problems".

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