Dental Implantology: The Reposition Technique

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The reposition technique is a variation of the implant impression used in dental implantology.

You see a specific impression rod for the reposition technique. There is a distinction between the two techniques in implant impression:

  • the pickup
  • and the reposition technique

More about that in the video entitled "Implant Impression". In the video "Repositioning Technique" you see a short animation, you can see the implant on the bone, where the impression rod used for the reposition technique is now screwed on to. The impression spoon is inserted into the mouth with the impression material. The impression is removed after the material has hardened. However, the impression rod remains on the implant and in the mouth for the time being.

Repositionspfosten für Zahnimplantate

reposition post

Only now is the impression rod unscrewed from the implant and repositioned on the hardened impression, hence the name “reposition technique.”  Subsequent work on the impression can cause the impression to become deformed.  Although the dentist has less work to do with the reposition technique, this method of making impressions is more prone to mistakes.

Click here to see the video: Repositioning Technique


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