Refined Provisional Solution in Dentistry

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Refined Provisional Solution

Refined provisional solution is the term for a denture made by a dental technician for provisional purposes.

Nowadays, you do not have to leave a doctor’s office without teeth, whether you are getting a single tooth or the entire denture replaced. Often times, the dentist will create dentures immediately in his office. In the film you see how the dentist creates a provisional crown from a plaster model by using self-hardening plastic and tooth templates.  Such provisional solutions can protect the teeth from heat and cold for about a week.

A vital tooth, which is not provisionally protected, risks damage that can eventually require root treatment or other corrective treatment. Occasionally, when the provisional solution has to be worn for a longer period of time, an actual dental technician will manufacture the denture rather than a dentist.

A refined provisional solution and the denture can be made out of plastic, metal or ceramic. Thanks to the refined provisional solution it is possible to renew root treatment and other dental procedures.  The refined provisional solution gave the patient something to smile about during the transition period.

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