What are Red-White Aesthetics in Dentistry?

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The term “red-white aesthetics” refers to the interaction between color, structure and teeth position in relation to the posture and appearance of the gums.

The harmony and beauty of our smile is characterized by both our teeth and our gums. “Red-white” aesthetics refers to the gums (red) and the teeth (white).

In the following paragraph, a few parameters summarize what is considered beautiful in Europe and the USA.

  • The gums are pale pink, tightly attached to the teeth and resemble an orange-like pattern at close distance
  • The highest gum point is not always located in the tooth center. For example, the highest point on the 1er should be slightly outside or away from the tooth center so that a symmetric curve does not form
  • Furthermore, the gums do not run on a straight line from tooth to tooth. For example, the highest point of the 2er lies about 1-2 mm below an imaginary line between 1er and 3er
  • A smile appears young and dynamic if it shows more upper jaw than lower jaw teeth. Symmetry of the upper teeth is especially important for a harmonic appearance.  By contrast, a slight asymmetry of the teeth in the lower jaw contributes to a natural appearance
  • The small triangles between cutting edges (called inter-incision triangles) get larger towards the back, while teeth contact areas get smaller in the same direction
  • The center line of the upper 1ers should be in line with the facial center line, an imaginary line on the top of the papillae rising towards the back
  • The teeth cutting edges are not supposed to all be on the same plain. The cutting edges of the 2ers lie approximately 1-2mm below an imaginary line between 1er and 3er
  • Furthermore, the visible parts of the teeth also have specific characterizations; the 1er is the widest tooth and the 3er is the narrowest tooth
  • The height and width of a tooth should also have a particular relationship with the face; otherwise, frontal teeth can easily appear like buck teeth
  • Furthermore, accurate interaction between repletion, area and space contrast as well as translucence and opalescence are important in order to achieve a natural appearance
  • The first upper tooth is always the brightest
  • the second one is always a bit darker
  • and the third tooth is always the most yellow

These and other criteria are the characteristics that make the smile of the “stars” appear so attractive to us. However, an attractive smile can be planned and created for you by your dentist. There is nothing in the way of your own Hollywood smile!

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