Polishing Elements in Dentistry

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In dentistry, polishing elements are used to create smooth surfaces!

It’s harder for plaque to develop on smooth surfaces, meaning there’s a lower risk of caries – more on that in the video "Initial Caries". There are a multitude of various polishing elements in different forms and degrees of roughness. Here you see polishing strips, various rubber polishers, and polishing discs.

Usually, one starts with the rough elements, as they are very well suited to remove rough irregularities while creating very little heat. Then, as shown in this animation, one should always use the finer polishing elements for finishing the surface.

drei Polierelemente für Zahnbohrer

polishing elements

Frequently, a polishing compound is used for polishing the surface to a high gloss. If you, e.g., get a ceramic inlay, a filling, a gold inlay, or a plastic composite filling, the dentist should use the polishing elements to put on the finishing touches!

Click here to see the video: Arkansas Stone


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