Plaque Tablets - Why Use Them?

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Plaque tablets can be used to check one’s tooth brushing habits and possibly to optimize them.

Plaque disclosing tablets: What’s fun for kids should also be used by adults every now and then. First, you brush your teeth; then you chew a special plaque disclosing tablet (which can be bought in pharmacies). Any place where plaque is still present will turn a specific color (e.g., blue). Color that can be wiped away with the tongue is just saliva. Anything remaining is dental plaque that was not removed by brushing. These areas need to be brushed again!

Purchase a small mouth mirror and check the inner sides of your teeth and the posterior teeth as well; i.e., not just the front and the outside! By “going over it again,” you’ll playfully learn a new brushing technique and reprogram your brushing habits in your mind. That’s how you can escape the typical course of a dental “career.”

The typical dental career means getting crowns, bridges, partial prostheses and sometimes even full prostheses by the age of fifty – more on that in the videos "Initial Caries", "Plaque", and "Dental Anomalies". Believe us, if you have fillings in this area, you don’t have bad teeth, just bad habits!

Plaque Tablets

Plaque Tablets

In the Video "Plaque Tablets" you see various patient X-rays from various dental practices – do you notice that all these patients (and presumably you as well) only have so-called bad teeth in the posterior region? On all of these images, even a layman can recognize that people get fillings, crowns, and bridges (the white spots on the X-rays) in the posterior region first. Why?

Unfortunately, we frequently race across teeth in a superficial way, thinking about something else, deceived by the feeling of freshness provided by the toothpaste. In most cases, we brush the anterior teeth to a sufficient degree; but in the posterior region, we have cleaning deficiencies. This has consequences: Hidden plaque, primarily in the interdental gaps, leads to the destruction of the dental enamel after a while. Caries and an inflammation of the gums – periodontitis – are often the result. That’s why we get fillings in the posterior region first.

If this situation is compounded with bad dental work and bad education, then most people either have no teeth or broken teeth in the posterior region by the age of 50. This leads to the anterior teeth being overburdened and once you’re 60, you’ll have a full prosthesis – the typical course of a dental care “career.”

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