What is a Pivot Tooth?

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“Pivot tooth” is a slang expression in prosthodontics that refers to a tooth that was restored by means of a pivot in a root canal.

If a tooth has been so deeply destroyed by caries that nothing is left of the tooth’s crown, then providing it with a dental crown is no longer possible, because the dental crown wouldn’t have any stability. But if the roots are still in good condition, then one can recreate retention for a crown through a good root canal treatment, a pivot in the root, and a reconstruction of the tooth stump.

Tooth Structure

Tooth Structure

In the film “Pivot Tooth” you see a patient’s plaster impression. Nothing is left of the tooth except for a small part protruding from the gums. A dental bridge would not be able to hold on to this stump. A reconstruction of the stump can be done through a dental pivot. Now, the bridge can be fastened so that in this case, the pivot tooth supports a bridge. A good root canal treatment is important for the creation of a pivot tooth and a sufficiently deep excavation for the pivot in the root canal. More on that in the videos “Root Pivot,” “Pivot Forming” and “Hollowing out a Pivot Tooth”.

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