Dental Implantology: The Pickup Technique

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The pickup technique is a variation of the implant impression used in dental implantology.

In the picture you see a specific two-part impression rod for the pickup technique. One distinguishes between two techniques for implant impression:

  • the pickup
  • and the reposition technique

More about that in the implant impression video. In the video "Pick Up Technique" you now see the procedure. The associated impression rods are attached to the implant and then fixated using a chimney screw. The position of the impression rod has to be examined carefully; if the fit is inaccurate, the technician will inevitably produce an ill-fitting crown.

Pickup Technik

Pickup technique

In the next step, the impression spoon is customized and an opening is milled into the chimney screw. In this case, two holes are drilled so that the chimney screw can later be removed from the impression material once the hardening process is complete. This is the only way to remove the impression spoon with the impression rod from the patient's mouth.

In the next step, the impression spoon is filled with impression material. This material is distributed around the impression rods with a syringe. The goal is to make sure that the rods are well covered in material; only in this way will the rods be stable within the impression and not move around later on.

After the impression material has hardened, the chimney screw is loosened and removed. Only now can the impression and the impression rods be removed from the patient’s mouth. When using the pickup technique, the impression rod remains in the impression spoon.

Click here to see the video: Pickup Technique


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