What do periodontosis, periodontitis and heart attacks have in common?

Advanced stage of periodontitis

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Periodontosis is the incorrect designation of an abnormal infection of the periodontal apparatus.

The terms periodontosis, periodontal disease, and periodontitis are all derived from the word “periodont.” This term describes the periodontal apparatus, i.e., the anchoring system of the tooth in the bone (perio= around it, dont = tooth).

For a long time, it was impossible to isolate bacteria from the gum pockets of patients with periodontitis, because the germs were bred in an environment containing oxygen. However, these bacteria are present in the gum pockets since they have an affinity for the oxygen-poor conditions there. More information about that here!

The false conclusion was: No bacteria, therefore, no infection, and thus, it must be a metabolic disorder – hence the ending -osis. It was only through molecular-biological methods that the DNA of bacteria could be proven. Later, scientists were successful in breeding the bacteria under oxygen-poor conditions as well. Therefore, it is indeed an infection, i.e. an –itis.

Thus, for example, an arthrosis is a degeneration of a joint. Possibly due to stressing the joint improperly, metabolic disorders develop in the cartilage, followed by a deterioration of the cartilage. Arthritis, on the other hand, means an inflammation of a joint, e.g., due to the bacterial contamination of a wound after an accident. More information about that here!

This is not just a play on words, because an infection requires a different treatment than a degenerative disorder and the correct diagnosis is the start of the correct therapy!

"Periodontitis" is an incorrect term for periodontal inflammations

"Periodontitis" is an incorrect term for periodontal inflammations

The correct designation for the “deterioration” of the periodontal apparatus is periodontitis! Furthermore, scientists from Kiel have shown that periodontitis and heart attacks could be traced back to the same changes in the genotype.

The fact that both diseases are related was already discovered years ago. The scientists then examined patients with aggressive periodontitis to study genetic changes on chromosome # 9. The genetic variant associated with this disease pattern is identical with that of patients, who had already experienced a heart attack. The aggressive form of the periodontitis was examined and it was assumed that there is a causal relationship between this disease and the heart attack.

Do to its relationship with heart attacks, periodontitis should be taken very seriously by dentists, diagnosed early, and treated as soon as possible.

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