What is a Pentamix used for in Dentistry?

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Pentamix is a mixing machine for a specific dental impression material called Impregum.

Impregum is one of the most precise impression materials available, which is why it is one of the most frequently used. With the help of Impregum, the dentist is able to get a very accurate negative copy of your teeth, an important prerequisite for a well-fitting denture.

Impregum is made up of two phases; the hardening process only gets initiated when mixing the two Impregum phases. In the picture you see the refill cartridges for Pentamix; in the small tube is the activator; the impression material is in the big one.

Impregum Kartusche


In the video "Pentamix" you see the dentist putting a layer of Impregum on an invisible spoon. The two phases are homogeneously mixed by the Pentamix machine and distributed evenly. Homogeneous mixing is crucial; it is the only way for the technician to obtain accurate impressions. Impregum can be mixed by hand, but this will never be as accurate as using the Pentamix machine. More about that in the video entitled "Dental Impression".

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