The Importance of Paper Points in Dentistry

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In dentistry, paper points are disposable articles that are used to dry root canals.

If, for example, chemicals, deep caries and/or the overheating of a tooth during the cutting of a crown lead to the dying off of the dental nerve, then the nerve must be removed; otherwise, a bone infection may develop – more on that in the video "Pulpitis". The cleaning of the tooth canal is called a root canal treatment – more on that in the video titled "Root Canal Treatment". Towards the end of the root canal treatment, the tooth canal must be thoroughly dried before it’s closed – this is done with paper points.

Paper Points

Paper Points

In the video "paper points" you see a tooth, whose canal has already been reconditioned with the root canal instruments. The rinsing process has been completed as well, the canal is then dried with paper points. One can clearly see how the paper point absorbs the moisture. The paper points are replaced until they no longer absorb moisture; now the canal is dry! The paper points can’t become moist or bloody, as this would compromise the tightness of the root’s filling. If the dentist doesn’t immediately succeed in cleaning the canal – i.e., in drying it – then, as a rule, he rotates a medication into the canal and closes the tooth from the top with a temporary filling – a week later, he tries again. This procedure is called “WU” and refers to an “incomplete root canal treatment”.

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