What is a Tooth Implant

What is dental Implant? Implantology has been officially recognized as a form of treatment since 1982. Titanium dental implants are artificial tooth roots; they mostly have a screw-shaped or cylindrical design. They are implanted into the jaw bones as a replacement for lost tooth roots. Is there a best dental implant? The market offers a […]

Wearing Braces Too Long: Possible Complications

Mädchen mit Zahnspange und offenem Mund, davor Lupe

According to a CBS news article, a 22-year-old man is suing his orthodontist after having allegedly worn his braces for 11 years. The argument is that while Dr. Brad Chvatal did not install the braces he was responsible for the patient’s dental care while they remained on the patient’s teeth. Dr. Chvatal argues that the […]

Tips to Prevent Cavities

Kariesdetektor auf Zähnen

A beautiful smile can brighten your day—mentally and physically.  Mentally, smiling can change your mood and make your day better.  Physically, it can make you appear more attractive to others.  Unfortunately, there are many who don’t take advantage of the benefits of an open smile due to imperfections with their teeth.  Fortunately, some of these […]

Bad Teeth

dental anomalies

Bad Teeth - Dental Anomalies What are bad teeth? These include all types of congenital deformities in the dental area.         We start our story right at the beginning and when we say right, we mean right at the beginning. We’ll save you the details of the act, in the Video bad […]

Build-Up of Bone and Bone Replacement Material

Why do we concern ourselves with bone replacement materials? Whilst there are a lot of studies about these topics amongst specialists, nonetheless most studies’ contents are badly put together and not according to evidence-based medical guidelines. In addition the various bone replacement materials are unfortunately often disregarded by Professors (heads of clinical departments in universities) […]

Stop tooth pain

Man with tooth pain

How to stop tooth pain? Tooth pain is an abnormal sensation caused by a tooth problem What can cause pain to a tooth? Let’s start with the tooth itself: an exposed tooth neck, for example can cause tooth pain. The crossover between enamel and root cement isn’t always seamless, sometimes a bit of dentine is […]

How to brush your teeth

Cleaning our teeth – clean all over Often, we hurry over our teeth, our minds elsewhere, allowing ourselves to be fooled by the feeling of freshness of the toothpaste.  This has consequences: hidden deposits, especially between the teeth, which lead to a disturbance of the enamel in time.  Caries is the result. Check test: really […]

What is Salvia


Saliva is secreted by the salivary glands Saliva is produced in the mouth both by small salivary glands in the mucosa and also by the large salivary glands – the glandula parotis (parotid gland), the glandula submandibularis (sub-mandibular gland) and the glandula sublingualis (sub-lingual gland).       Depending on the gland the saliva is […]

What is a Caldwell Luc Operation?

Dental surgery team performing the Caldwell Luc Operation

The Caldwell Luc Operation is a radical operation in the maxillary sinus performed through the oral vestibule. Nowadays a problem in the maxillary sinus is usually treated by an operation via the nose and not via the mouth. In certain situations access via the mouth, or more precisely via the oral vestibule is preferred, for […]

What is Bone Augmentation Surgery?

A bone augmentation is required on the affected jaw region

Bone Augmentation is a technical term in dental surgery. This dental term describes various methods of adding bone material, in case there is a lack thereof in the jaw. Lack of bone in the jaw may have various causes. For example, after the removal of a cyst a ‘localized lack of bone’ may occur. In […]

Discus Displacement

Discus displacement in the jaw

What is discus displacement? Discus displacement is an expression for the deviation of the discus position from an arbitrarily fixed “standard” position. The discus is a kind of cartilaginous spacer between the mandibular condyles and the sockets. Discus displacements are often differentiated between discus displacement with reposition and discus displacement without reposition. The diagnosis of […]

What is Furcation?

Division of the tooth root is known as furcation

Furcation means division. In dentistry we understand it to mean the division of the roots, primarily in teeth with more than one root. In the upper jaw we speak of trifurcation (since the rear teeth of the upper jaw have three roots). In the lower jaw we speak of bifurcation (since the lower jaw rear […]

What is Dental Implantation?

Patient receiving a dental implant

Implantation means inserting an implant into the body. In dentistry we differentiate between an single-session implantation and an implantation performed over two sessions. One session means that the insertion of the implanted body and the provision of the prosthesis (that is to say the attachment of the tooth) take place at one sitting. Since the […]

Exposure of Dental Implants

An implant puncher used in dental implantology

What is the exposure of dental implants? Exposure is dental jargon for the term "exposure operation" following the successful healing of an implant. Should the mucosa be sutured closed over the implant after a successful implantation we call this "covered" healing. The necessity for covered healing crops up when, for example, the quality of the […]

What are Dental Fillings?

A variety of dental fillings

All about the application of fillings in dentistry Which is the right filling, what types are there available, where, when and how? The trend is towards white fillings and away from amalgam, titanium and gold. What was once a sign of prosperity a few years ago, namely a mouth full of gold inlays is no […]

What is a Gum Transplant?

Gum transplantation procedure

Gum and mucosa tissue transplantation Gum or mucosa transplantation describes the procedure where pieces of mucosa, usually taken from the gum, are "planted" onto another part of the mouth. Connective tissue and mucosa tissue transplantations are used in dental medicine to treat gum tissue deficits especially in those areas connected with aesthetics. In contrast to […]

What are Dental Images?

Dental image of a patient

The application of dental images in dentistry The most common uses are individual images and panorama images. The improvements in x-ray technology when creating individual or panorama images provide a detailed overview of the patient’s condition and are a great advantage. The radiation that the patient experiences during a modern x-ray extremely low, meaning that […]

What is Cystostomy?

A folicular cyst in the jaw

Cystostomy is a possible form of treatment for a cyst A cyst is a cavity within the tissue which is enclosed by a small skin (epithelium), which usually is full of fluid or pulp and which may consist of several chambers. "Cystostomy" means "opening the cyst", whereby the volume of the cyst is reduced. In […]

Teeth and Psychoses

Psychosomatic disturbances in dental science

Teeth and psychoses, occlusal hypervigilance and psychosomatic disturbances The number of patients to whom a definitive physical result cannot be allocated is continually on the increase. Patients complain of burning, feeling of injury, taste problems, feeling of pressure, general mental state problems such as exhaustion, loss of energy, concentration problems, bad temper and loss of […]

Grinding of the Teeth

Grinding of the teeth can lead to dental issues

"Bruxism" is the medical term for teeth grinding The grinding of teeth is also know by the Latin name bruxism and usually happens when the patient is sleeping. People deal with stress differently, when the jaws and teeth are used this is known as bruxism. When we talk of stress in this case we mean […]