Orthodontic Brackets in Dentistry

Orthodontic Brackets

Orthodontic Brackets

In orthodontics, a “bracket” is the term used for the restraining element on permanent braces.


Brackets are glued to the tooth surface by special gluing techniques, thus creating the starting point for tooth realignment with attached permanent braces. In the dental video "Gluing Brackets" you can see the gluing procedure where a metal arch is inserted into the bracket; this process is pain free. This metal bracket applies the force necessary to initiate tooth movement.

There are different bracket variations. These are characterized by material (metal, gold, plastic, ceramic brackets) or method of attachment (Damon, lingual brackets). Lingual brackets are attached to the back of the tooth. These brackets work well for patients who place a high value on aesthetics.

Inappropriate gluing techniques or insufficient dental hygiene while the bracket is glued to the tooth can lead to permanent decalcification spots on the tooth surface. For these reasons, good dental hygiene is very important. The use of a dental water jet toothbrush is highly recommended.

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