Nasal Speculum in Dentistry

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The nasal speculum is an instrument specifically designed to assist in the spreading of the nose.

The nasal speculum is most commonly used during throat, nose and ear surgeries. Here you see a patient under general anesthetic; the surgery is a para-nasal sinus restoration due to chronic para-nasal sinus infection resulting from a bad tooth root treatment. The nose is spread out using the nasal speculum and the small sinus access is widened with special instruments. Through the opening created, the sinuses can be flushed and inflammatory material is removed. The nasal speculum allows the surgeon to have a good view of the surgical area.

Nasal Speculum

Nasal Speculum

It is important that these instruments, like all other surgical instruments, are only used after being sterilized. Here you see a surgery container; the surgical instruments are neatly placed next to one another and ideally stored for the sterilization process. Prior to surgery, the container is opened and the surgical instruments can be removed with sterile gloves. The sterility chain remains intact. Surgical containers are standard in hospitals but not in doctors’ offices.

Should you be scheduled for an implant, bone restructuring surgery or any other surgery, you should pay special attention to hygiene because sterile instruments are not the norm! Persistent wound infections and bone infections are possible consequences of non-sterile instruments. There will be more about that in the video entitled:

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