Luxatemp for Temporary Dentures: How and Why?

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Luxatemp is a self-curing synthetic material used in dentistry, primarily for the preparation of temporary dentures.

It doesn’t matter which type of restoration you expect; nowadays, you don’t have to leave the dentist’s office without teeth. Thanks to modern and fast-curing synthetic materials, the dentist can prepare a temporary denture immediately.

The teeth were rebuilt with a synthetic material and a first impression was taken. This first impression yields a negative copy of the teeth. After the cutting of the teeth – in this case for veneers – the liquid compound is inserted into the negative copy and placed over the cut teeth. The synthetic material hardens, yielding a temporary prosthesis.

Luxatemp - self-curing synthetic material

Luxatemp - self-curing synthetic material

In the video "Luxatemp" you see how the initial impression material containing Luxatemp is placed over the teeth. After hardening, the impression is taken and the temporary veneers are removed from the impression. Now the protrusions are removed and the surfaces of the temporary prosthesis are polished. The temporary prosthesis is slowly given shape.

Finally, the proper fit is checked and the temporary veneers are placed. Thus, the tooth is protected and the prosthesis looks attractive. A week later, the patient receives her actual veneers, which will be made of ceramics. Until that time, she will wear the temporary prosthesis made of the synthetic material.

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