Jodo Form Strip in Dental Surgery

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The jodo form strip is a textile piece that is soaked in Jodo form powder.

In dentistry, the Jodo form strip is used as a drain, and/or wound cover. In the video "jodoform strip" you see a patient with an abscess due to a periodontics problem.  An interior incision was made during the acute phase. There will be more about that in the video entitled “incision.” In order to allow for the drainage of pus, a Jodo form strip is put in place; otherwise, the wound would close up immediately, not allowing pus to be drained and resulting in a return of the acute problems.

Furthermore, the Jodo form strip has anti-bacterial effects: It reduces the propagation of bacteria. Once the acute problems have subsided, the cause of the infection has to be treated as well. In our case, a parotherapy is scheduled.  A Jodo form strip can also be used to prevent a wound from healing immediately.


iodine form stripe

This is why Jodo form strips are often used during wisdom teeth operations. They facilitate excellent blood drainage, which prevents the formation of hematoma. Hematomas can result in connective tissue which can lead to a bulge, and this is not aesthetically pleasing. Usually, Jodo form strips are removed after one or two days. Removal can frequently cause slight after-bleeding; however, this should not be concerning to you. The strange aftertaste goes away with time.

During common tooth extractions, a Jodo form strip should not be used because when the strip is removed, it often also removes the coagulated blood, which has formed in the tooth. This  can result in the wound needing to be reopened because the coagulated blood is an important wound cover for the bone. One also has to be careful if the patient suffers from iodine allergy and thyroid dysfunction.  In these cases, a Jodo form strip should not be used!

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