Replacing Old Dental Crowns: Is it Necessary?

If you have golden dental crowns implanted in your teeth, you will not need to replace them for preventive measures.

Watch Dental Video about Dental Crowns

This has been confirmed by a noted dentist, Dr. Terry Donovan, chairman of Biomaterials at the Chapel Hill School of Dentistry North Carolina. The family dentist anchorage goes on to specify that if the dental crown is well-fitted, you need not have them replaced a couple of decades or more later.

How to Fit Dental Crowns? The dental crown should be fitted by the Anchorage dentist in a way which leaves out no open margins. There must not be signs of any dental decay at this place near the borders. Even when the crowns do not have to be prophylactically or periodically replaced, you must not discontinue your visits to the dentist. The dentist in Anchorage will perform a series of dental examinations, checking for lack of deterioration of the crowns in any way, and whether they act as potential threats to your overall physical or oral health.

Materials Commonly Used for Dental Crowns

Is Gold Safe? For those who are unaware, gold is a non-corrosive material and this is why there is no problem when you put it on your teeth. On the contrary, the dental cement that is used in fusing the crown is dissolved by the saliva after a couple of decades or so. The major problem with this is the fact that with the dissolution of the dental cementing, the fluids which the person consume start seeping inside the tiny gaps of your teeth, thus setting the clock on for dental decay.

What about Porcelain? If your crown is of porcelain make, and it is fused into metal, there can be some amount of chipping here. Even then, it is not mandatory to have it replaced. All you need to do is pay a visit to your dentist and request them to smooth out the edges of the chipped tooth. If the change is not noticeable and does not cause inconvenience while speaking or eating, you need to have your dentures replaced. Elderly individuals become anxious when their dentures chip or crack. This is because they often believe that the tooth should be replaced as a whole for appropriate functioning. If that is presently beyond your budget and at the same time a need for replacement, approach your dentist and ask them to perform reconstructive dentistry. Patients should understand that dentists are usually keen on replacing the restorations often as it leads to financial benefits for them. They need you to approach them, and since the dentures look a little unsightly, they will of course suggest replacement. If the problem is not too serious and the dental crown can be saved with some amount of polishing, filling and other processes of reconstructive dentistry, you need not bother about the exorbitant crown replacement costs. It is always best to have a couple of opinions from the family dentistry in Anchorage regarding dental decay and gum contouring around your oral crowns. While one dentist might suggest complete replacement, another might provide options for restorative solutions that not only preserve the old crowns, but rid you of the pain and discomfort.

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