Insertion Instrument Usage in Dentistry and Implantology

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The implant can be removed from its sterile packaging without being touched and inserted into the appropriate position by using the insertion instrument.

Here you see an implant with an insertion instrument and insertion rod; in the background you can see the yellow implant package. The implant package, in this case a little screw-top glass, has been opened. From above, you can see the insertion rod where the sterile insertion instrument is attached so that the implant can be removed from its package without being touched. During setting, the implant should not come in contact with anything else; otherwise, it could become unsterile.


implant insertion instrument

This could lead to implant inflammation, and subsequently, the loss of the implant. The insertion rod is removed after the implant has set and only the implant remains in the patient‘s mouth. Only the implant remains in the body.

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