What is Initial Caries?

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Initial caries is a carious lesion that is still limited to the dental enamel.

As long as caries are only located in the dental enamel, they can still be treated without any drilling. But how do caries develop to begin with?

Plaque is the trigger of caries, because plaque contains bacteria and their products, which attack the tooth – more on that in the video "Initial Caries". The bacteria in the plaque need “feed” to live off of, and they get it from food scraps, as long as these are located in the enamel. As soon as the caries have reached the dentin, the bacteria can feed themselves from the proteins contained in the dentin – the disease thus develops its own momentum. From that moment on, the dentist must remove the caries with the drill.

Zahnröntgen mit Markierung von Initialkaries

initial cavity

So if the caries are still limited to the dental enamel – so-called initial caries – and if one cuts them off from their nutrients, the bacteria and the plaque die off, provided that you optimize your brushing technique. This process is called caries sealing.

As soon as the caries have reached the dentin, sealing it from the outside is simply not sufficient anymore. Here you see an X-ray of initial caries, i.e., the dark spot in the dental enamel (marked with the green circle).

Click here to see the video: Initial Caries


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