Incognito - A Special Orthodontic Therapy

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Incognito is the medical term for a special orthodontic therapy.

Unlike common braces that are attached facing the cheeks, Incognito is anchored facing the tongue in the oral cavity. The process to produce the brackets takes more work, but presents an alternative for people suffering from a malocclusion who previously refused to wear a fixed retainer due to the aesthetic limitations. Incognito is also called the “lingual technique.”

State-of-the-art tools are used for the production of the brackets. First of all, silicone impressions of your teeth are sent to a company that turns them into plaster models. Gold plates customized for your teeth (the so-called brackets) are then designed on screen. After the completion of the brackets with the aid of a computer, the data of the virtual models is sent to a 3D printer that produces the brackets from wax.

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incognito braces

The wax brackets are cast in plaster. After the hardening of the plaster, the plaster block is heated and the wax brackets melt, leaving the hollow plaster block – basically, a negative copy of the brackets. Now, liquid metal – as a rule, a gold alloy – is poured into the plaster blocks. After hardening, the plaster stumps are destroyed and the raw brackets are obtained. These have yet to be fine-tuned.

In the meantime, a computer-controlled bending robot uses positioning data based on the digital bracket design to produce the precise form necessary for your treatment. Finally, the product is complete and installed by the dentist. Depending on the malocclusion, you can look forward to a brilliant smile after one to two years.

Many people view treatment with the lingual technique as unpleasant because the oral cavity is clearly cramped. Furthermore, not every malocclusion can be treated with it; in particular, crowding can pose problems. Another disadvantage is higher costs. Aligners would be an alternative to the lingual technique – check out the video entitled "Tooth Aligner".

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