Implant Gum Former – Gingiva Former

Zahnimplantat Gingivaformerbelsky

Zahnimplantat Gingivaformer

The gingiva former (or gum former) assists in shaping the gums during the healing process after a successful implantation.

In the film you see a patient who will receive completely new frontal teeth in the upper jaw. Because of a frontal tooth gap, an implant was set eight weeks ago. The teeth were grinded down and a provisional solution was put in place for the aforementioned timeframe. The provisional solution and the gingiva former have already been removed in order to be cleaned.

Now the cleaned gingiva former is re-inserted, enabling for different gum modeling options. The gums grow according to the structure of the gum formers, which is why gum formers exist in numerous forms and shapes. Together with the tooth crown, well-healed gums are very important for an optimal red-white aesthetic. Finally, the provisional solution is slipped over the teeth.

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