Need to take care of bad breath or have a tooth ache that needs to be dealt with? Maybe it’s time to head to Royal Oak Dental. Dentists recommend regular check-ups so that your teeth are in perfect condition and any dental related problem can be nipped in the bud. But how often do you need to visit the dentists?


For quite some time now, we have heard people say that our tooth brushes need to be changed every three months and we should visit the dentist onceevery six months. First and foremost, this rule of thumb doesn’t apply to all. A lot of visits to the dentist depend on the age of the patient. For instance, children who have just begun growing their permanent teeth will require more regular check-ups than a teenager, until the wisdom teeth starts to show.

While the majority of dentists recommend check-ups once every six month, there is no hard evidence of why they do so. It just seems to be something they recommend, because the majority of dentists have been recommending it for quite some time now. A research conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration prove how the recommendation of visiting a dentist every two months doesn’t stand on sound evidence. In fact, there have hardly been any worthwhile research done on this matter, and the only controlled study carried out shows that patients who went annually to a dentist were better off than those who went once every two years.

So how often should you be visiting the Royal Oak Dental? The answer to that question could be best provided by you and your dentist. While your dentist will suggest that you visit regularly and give you excellent tips to take care of your dental health, the truth is a lot of it depends on you. Again, the age of the patient plays a role. Children require annual visits and perhaps even twice a year or more depending on the condition of their teeth, since the fact is that children might not be doing everything right or in the correct manner when it comes to brushing, flossing, and taking care of their teeth. Adults, however, need not visit the dentist twice a year. In fact, institutes, like Nice, which offer guidance and advise to NHS [National Health Service] in England, have said that adults who take excellent care of their teeth can visit their dentist even once every two years.

While this might be good news for those who don’t enjoy a visit to the dentist, or are victims of odontophobia [dental fear and anxiety], to not pay a visit to the dentist will require regular brushing, flossing, and taking excellent care of your teeth. Your lifestyle choices will also affect your teeth and dental health. Smokers, for instance have a higher risk of dental diseases and need to visit a dentist more frequently than non-smokers. Among others who need to regularly visit the Royal Oak Dental are diabetic patients and patients suffering from various gum problems and those who have plaque accumulation. It is also recommended for pregnant women to regularly visit a dentist.

After all is said and done, it comes down to the individual who knows best how to take care of their dental hygiene. It is best to discuss your options with your dentist too, so you have a professional’s advice when making your decision. However, as the phrase goes, a stitch in time saves nine, so it will always be better for you to have an extra appointment where any problem can be detected early and solved, rather than allowing a problem to grow.

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