What is Halitosis?

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In most cases, halitosis means that a disease-causing process is taking place in the mouth.

In general, one should distinguish between halitosis and bad breath. Bad breath may occur in cases of throat/nose/ear disorders, lung diseases, intestinal diseases, and metabolic diseases. For example, patients with severe liver diseases frequently suffer from so-called fetor hepaticus (breath smelling of raw meat), and diabetics from the fetor diabeticus (sweet smell).

Poor Dental Hygiene Can Lead to Halitosis

Poor Dental Hygiene Can Lead to Halitosis

These systemic causes should be differentiated from halitosis. In this case, the cause is found locally in the mouth itself. For example, leaky fillings, periodontitis, partially broken wisdom teeth, poor oral hygiene and poor prosthesis care may cause halitosis. Treatment is relatively simple: One eliminates the cause, i.e., replaces the fillings, performs periodontal treatment, extracts the wisdom teeth, performs proper prosthesis care, and/or oral hygiene.

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