Gingivitis of the Gums

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Gingivitis is the Latin term for an acute or chronic inflammation of the gums.

Healthy gums, are pale pink, tightly attached to the teeth, and, when looked at closely, have a certain pattern (similar to an orange). Inflamed gums lose this pattern, swell up, bleed easily and turn dark red. Generally, gingivitis does not cause pain. In principal, all bacteria found in the mouth flora can cause gingivitis. Another possible cause is Escherichia coli.

Non-treated gingivitis can turn into periodontitis. There will be more about that in the video entitled "Periodontitis Treatment". Subsequently, it is important to remove plaque thoroughly from the teeth’s surface. However, you will not be able to this if you have:

  • overhanging fillings
  • leaking fillings
  • overhanging bridge or crown edges
  • interlacing teeth, cause by crowded teeth, for example
Plaque Gingivitis

Plaque Gingivitis

In order to prevent gum inflammation, the dentist has to work thoroughly and clean the teeth well! If your gums still become inflamed, they can bleed quite heavily for a short time. However, you still have to continue brushing them! Many people stop cleaning their teeth because they are afraid of the blood. However, this causes more plaque, and is the beginning of a vicious circle. Hence, good mouth hygiene represents both treatment and prophylaxis against plaque-associated gum inflammation (gingivitis).

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