Groove Cut - Tooth Stump Preparation

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Groove cut is a technical term for one type of tooth stump preparation for a dental crown

Groove cut is a tooth stump preparation technique for a dental crown, other possibilities would be the step cut or the tangent cut. In the groove cut, all advantages are combined and disadvantages are eliminated, but this alternative is the most complex type of tooth stump preparation. The bonding agent (in most cases, cement) is able to flow off well due to the round edges. This yields a thin gap (the so-called cement gap).

The technician has enough space for the ceramic parts, the edges are tightly sealed, and food scraps can’t get caught. More on that in the videos "Tangent Cut" and "Step Cut". In order to obtain a groove cut, it’s necessary to work with medical magnifying glasses and to observe certain criteria when the impression is being taken.

This technique requires more effort from the dentist, but you receive tight crowns through it – more on that in the video "Dental Impression".

Alternatives to the groove cut technique would be, e.g., the tangent cut or the step cut; however, both types of cuts have disadvantages compared to the groove cut.

Gipsstumpf mit Hohlkehlenbeschliff für Zahnkrone Herstellung

fillet polishing

The risks of the treatment are very small with an experienced dentist. Nevertheless, complications may occur in individual cases, possibly requiring additional measures. Every additional measure may in turn lead to complications, which may even lead to the loss of a tooth in the course of treatment.

We will only discuss the specific complications encountered in the cutting of teeth here; they are, for example:

  • Injuring surrounding structures such as the tongue, cheek, nerves, blood vessels, neighboring teeth, and neighboring roots, with possible additional consequences such as:
  • The dying of the dental nerve, e.g., in case of poor cooling,
  • or the removal of too much tooth substance – a root canal treatment would then be necessary.

In principle, any manipulation of the tooth carries the risk of an inflammation of the dental nerve. This is why you should care for your teeth with materials and workmanship that will stay tight with good care.

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