What is a Gingival Mask?

Watch Dental Video about Gingival Mask

A gingival mask is a gum protector made of silicon.

In the video, you see the gingival mask as it’s used, in this case, during a bleaching. You can see how the gums are protected with a gingival mask prior to the bleaching. For this purpose, a special rubber compound is carefully applied and then hardened. Many dental materials are harmful to body tissues such as the gums, for example. Through the use of barriers, the tissues can avoid being injured.

Gingival Mask

Gingival Mask

Unfortunately, such aids (e.g., the gingival mask, a cofferdam) are rarely used due to cost and time constraints. Instead, the side effects of dental chemicals are simply accepted.

After treatment, the mask is simply removed; your gums are less irritated because of the protection offered by the gingival mask. There will be more on that in the videos "Dental Dam" and "OptraGate".

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