Usage of Fermite in Dentistry

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Fermite is a substance that hardens when it comes in contact with light.

In dentistry it is used as a provisional filling material. If applied correctly, Fermite will seal and protect your grinded down tooth from heat and cold for up to a week. In the film "Fermite" you can see two teeth in the upper jaw that are being grinded down in preparation for ceramic inlays. The dark spots on the tooth are amalgam discolorations, not caries, and do not need to be removed. After the tooth impression is taken, the teeth are now sealed with Fermite, protecting them from both cold and heat.

Zahn Fermit

In dentistry Fermit is used as a provisional filling material

You see how the dentist applies the Fermite and uses a halogen lamp to harden it. The technician then creates a plaster model from the impression and uses this to produce the ceramic inlays in a laboratory. One week after preparation, the ceramic inlays are completed. You can see how the provisional Fermite solution can be easily removed from the teeth. The ceramic inlays can now be inserted.

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