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A gorgeous smile is all about having a complete set of pearly whites without any gaps or missing tooth. What's more, it is never comfortable when you are missing a tooth since it can be difficult chewing your food or talking properly. You may end up swallowing food items even without grinding them well, and this can have a negative effect to your digestion. Smiling, speaking and merely opening your mouth may feel somewhat awkward or embarrassing because of not having the kind of teeth that you want for yourself. With all these things in mind, it is best that you consider having your teeth fixed and replaced with the right materials for long-term benefits and excellent results.

Dental Implants – The Best Tooth Replacement

Some people may wonder – why go for dental implantation? Are there other options that can be taken when you are worried about missing a tooth and having it replaced? Nowadays, you are faced with several choices when it comes to fixing your missing teeth. For instance, there is an option to get dentures, which is perhaps the cheapest way to go. Unfortunately, dentures can be hard to maintain since food and debris get stuck in between the teeth. Hence, you will need to remove these dentures, brush your teeth and its every side, and clean your dentures afterwards.

The maintenance aspect of wearing dentures is a bit time-consuming and tedious. What's more, taking your dentures off and putting them on again can eventually cause neighboring teeth to shift. This can add to your conerns in the future since you may end up worrying about misaligned teeth, overbite or underbite, and similar problems once teeth begin to shift and move because of your dentures.

Aside from dentures, you may decide to get dental bridges and crowns, which is another tooth replacement option. As with dentures, these are relatively inexpensive, and you can have these done in a few sessions. When you have missing teeth at the back or side portion, having bridges can help address this concern.

However, if you decide to go about dental bridges, there is a need to alter the shape and size of adjacent or neighboring teeth just to allow the crown to fit. If your other teeth are in good condition, it can be such a waste to have them redone or filed throughout the process. This can also affect the structure and quality of your teeth.

Considering all tooth replacement methods, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, dental implants may prove to be the most practical choice for you. Implants look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. There is also no need to put them on and off unlike with dentures, and the quality of neighboring teeth is not compromised. The only thing you need to think about is ensuring proper hygiene, lifestyle and diet that aid in prolonging the structure and quality of your implants for several years to come.

Dental Implants and Smoking

If you are getting dental implants, will smoking affect their overall quality? You may be aware of all the health dangers that come with smoking including poor immune system, susceptibility to infections, yellowing of teeth, and a wide range of ailments. You have to keep in mind that implantation involves a surgical procedure as implants are positioned into the jaws, depending on where your missing teeth are. When you undergo surgery, you would not want to compromise your health and safety by allowing your immune system to weaken. To put it simply, smoking does not help boost your health, and you are putting yourself at risk of infections and numerous complications when you undergo surgery or implantation.

Another aspect you should look into is the fact that smoking makes your gums weaker and your teeth noticeably yellower. Since implants depend on strong and healthy gums, it may be risky getting implants when the foundation is not reliable. Diseases of the gums and other oral health problems may appear in the long run, until you begin to realize that your implants soon become worn and damaged. Thus, you only wasted your money because implants should be able to last for decades with proper maintenance, but your smoking habit shortens their lifespan and make you susceptible to diseases and infections, at the same time.

After taking into account all of these points, it is only sensible that you start improving your health and abandoning undesirable and destructive habits. Smoking does not do you any good whether you are getting implants or simply aiming for a wholesome life.

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