What is Endodontology and Root Canal Treatment?

Grafik einer Wurzelbehandlung im Unterkieferbelsky


Endodontology is the Latin term for the science of root treatment.

The causes of root treatment and how you can avoid it can be seen in the following videos:

If root treatment becomes necessary despite preventative measures, a successfully root-treated tooth can last a lifetime. A bad root treatment can lead to problems, even decades after treatment. If your teeth require repeated root treatments, root tip resections and/or teeth extractions, you should get a second opinion from a root treatment specialist. Do not let answers such as “your tooth is bad,” “your immune system reacts too strongly” or “you have an allergy” satisfy you.

A proper root treatment can be seen in the video entitled "Root Canal Treatment". Such a root treatment is initially more expensive, but you will save both time and money in the long run because you will probably be able to avoid frustrating follow-up treatments.

An endodontologist always works with a rubber band, visual aid (for example, magnifying glasses, microscope, etc.) and sterile root canal instruments. There will be more about that in the videos entitled "Röko Box" and "Root Canal Problems". You can judge your own root treatments with the help of a simple x-ray. The root canals should be homogenously tight and conically filled to the root tip. A root treated tooth should be sealed with a crown or ceramic inlay as quickly as possible after successful root treatment.

Click here to see the video: Endodontics

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